CONFLICTING SUBJECTS Between Clash and Recognition

DEADLINE: December, 2021 (expired)

Conflicting Subjects. Between Clash and Recognition is a Student Conference for graduate students and Ph.D. students who have worked and work on thesis and research projects in the fields of Medieval, Modern and Contemporary History. The Student Conference aims to encourage dialogue between students and doctoral students from different backgrounds within an inspiring and stimulating context in which to discuss their research, ongoing and concluded. The key concepts of the 2021 edition are those of “conflict” and “recognition”. Historian Francesco Benigno has highlighted how conflicts and the need to “exist socially and politically”, i.e. to gain recognition, have been and continued to be deeply interrelated. In history, the declination of these two concepts has taken on different forms and, in more recent times, events such as the protest in Hong Kong and the Black Lives Matter movement demonstrate its pervasiveness and relevance. The Call for Papers is aimed at graduate students (in possess of a Bachelor degree) and Ph.D. students (who have not yet obtained their qualification), and aspires to stimulate a reflection, chronologically extended to cover from the Middle Ages to the contemporary, on social, cultural, political struggles, claims and aspirations, analysed through the lens of historical research, in all its disciplines and methodological approaches.


This project is aimed at foster dialogue between graduate and PhD students from different backgrounds.

Participation is open to all young national and international researchers.

Adress: Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche e Sociali, Corso Strada Nuova, 65, 27100, PAVIA

Email: studentconference@unipv.it

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